WINNER’s Seunghoon Shocks Fans With Sudden Military Announcement Plans For This Week

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WINNER’s Seunghoon has announced he’s enlisting in the military soon, very soon!

On April 12, WINNER’s Seunghoon announced the news to the group’s fancafe, in a short post, Seunghoon explains that he’s enlisting on April 16 at the Nonsan Training Center.

Seunghoon is the second member following Jinwoo to enlist in the military, he stated,

“I hope you can understand with your hearts that I couldn’t tell you sooner, I will be healthy and do my best until I return.”

Seunghoon was born in 1992, and is among the idols who must enlist before this year ends, for the full list check out this.

WINNER has recently made their comeback on April 9 with “Remember.”

Wishing you the best Seunghoon!

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