WINNER Jinu Unable To Promote For His Group’s Latest Comeback Due To His Military Enlistment Plans

WINNER Kim Jin Woo has taken to his group’s official fan club site to announce that he’s set to enlist very soon.

A source from his agency also later confirmed that he’s set to enlist on April 2. He will undergo basic military training for four weeks before carrying out the remaining of his military service as a public service worker.

WINNER Kim Jin Woo is the oldest member of his group and will become the first to enlist in the military. He was born in 1991 and as explained previously through another article, all able Korean idols who were born in 1991 and 1992 must enlist in the military before 2020 ends according to military laws. You can check out the list of who must enlist here.

This is very sad news for Inner Circle (WINNER fandom name) because it means that Kim Jin Woo will not be able to promote their latest comeback as four before his departure to the military.

WINNER will release their third album “Remember” on April 9.

Check out his letter below:

Wishing Kim Jin Woo all the best, please take care of yourself!

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