Rapper Verbal Jint’s recent social media post is evoking a discussion among netizens!

[T/W: suicide, mentions of child pornography]

South Korea has been dealing with the disgusting crimes of the Nth room, the chatrooms shared photos and videos of child pornography and much worse. It has been the topic of discussion among netizens who continue to advocate for the reveal of everyone who is a member of the Nth room.


Recently, a man in his 20s confessed to the police of being a participant in the Nth room, and then committed suicide. He was 28 years old, the police found 340 photos including child pornography in his phone.

Rapper Verbal Jint posted a screenshot of the article to his Instagram stories and wrote,

“This makes me happy. If more of them die, I will write a commemorative song.

Let’s reveal all of their identities.”


Some think Verbal Jint took it too far since he’s talking about someone’s life, others think no one should sympathize with pedophiles, a lot of people consider them to be ‘trash’ and ‘inhumane’ for having enjoyed such disgusting content that ruined those kids lives. There are many petitions that are advocating for the reveal of every single participant identity.

What are your thoughts on this?


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