Why Jun Ji Hyun Is Facing Backlash For Cutting Rent By 10% As A Landlord


Jun Ji Hyun is still being criticized by k-netizens for how much she’s deducting from rent for her tenants.

According to a real estate official, on March 5, Jun Ji Hyun decided to cut down rent by 10% for the tenants who rented in her building in Gangnam-Gu. The rent will be deducted from March and April because of the ongoing fight against the coronavirus that has put a halt into businesses everywhere in South Korea.

This is something that’s being described as the ‘good landlord’ movement, many celebrities before Jun Ji Hyun has cut down rent most notably Rain and Kim Tae Hee who cut down rent by %50 for tenants in their buildings.

Jun Ji Hyun hopes to lessen the tenants’ burdens who must be going through a hard time due to the coronavirus outbreak. This was followed by a donation she made for 100 million won to organizations that are helping the fight against the coronavirus.

However, the percentage is gaining attention and criticism from netizens who think it’s too low of a percentage. Jun Ji Hyun was previously criticized for not donating to organizations for the coronavirus relief and was still shamed after she donated.

On a nate article covering the subject, many k-netizens had harsh words to say to Jun Ji Hyun, here are some of the top voted comments:

10%? I have a lot to say but I won’t say a thing…

It feels like she’s only donating as little as possible because she’s receiving hate, people brought up how she never donates so she suddenly donated. She makes 4 billion won a month from rent a lot for that building that she bought for 40 billion won in cash, no loans…

I am so jealous of the rich ability to give back…

Maybe it’s because I saw a lot of articles about cutting rent by 40% to 50%… but..

10%… while others are discounting 30% or 40%

What do you think of these comments? Do you think Jun Ji Hyun deserves the backlash?


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