Rising Actor Lee Jae Wook Already Taking On His First Ever Leading Role In A Drama?

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Rising Actor Lee Jae Wook is reportedly starring opposite actress Go Ara for an upcoming KBS drama.

On March 7, Korean news outlets Star News reported that the rising actor had been cast in the upcoming drama “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” (literal title).

The drama tells the story of a pianist named Goo La La who hits rock bottom after her family’s downfall. She ends up meeting a mysterious man named Sun Woo Joon who barely gets by doing part-time jobs; he looks like he’s hiding lots of secrets. She ends up falling for him.

Go Ara’s agency confirmed that she has been offered the leading role; meanwhile, VAST Entertainment hasn’t made a comment on Star News report yet. Lee Jae Wook is reportedly taking on the role of Sun Woo Joon.

After debuting in 2018, Lee Jae Wook went on to participate in many hit dramas such as “Search: WWW” and “Extraordinary You,” he’s currently playing the second lead in “I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice.”

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Would you like to see Lee Jae Wook take on the role?

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My Personal Thoughts

Lee Jae Wook has been on my radar for a while now. Despite his young age, he’s very talented and can do a variety of roles very very well. Despite his short career span, I think he played a wide range of characters. From bad to nice and troubled, I can tell he’ll be very big one day.

I’d like Lee Jae Wook needs to be careful with his choices; so far, he’s picked interesting characters so I am assuming he’ll do the same here. The drama premise seems promising and as long as he won’t play the rich stuck up role that all leading Korean actors play, I think we’ll be fine.

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