Rising Rookie Actor Lee Jae Wook – Everything You Need To Know About Him

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Actor Lee Jae Wook is a new face to the Korean entertainment industry but despite being a rookie, he’s being labeled one of the best upcoming Korean actors.

He’s been trending on various Korean news outlets with his recent appearance as the second lead in “Extraordinary You.” He attracted attention for his good acting, good looks, and manners.

But who is Lee Jae Wook? Are there any interesting facts to learn about him? Today we’ll go through everything we know about Lee Jae Wook- so far.

He Looks Older Than He Actually Is


Despite playing a variety of younger characters throughout his short career span, many still believe Lee Jae Wook to be older than he actually is in reality. He was born on May 10, 1998; he became 21 years old a couple of months ago.

He played characters that are older than he actually is and characters his age as well. He continues to charm the audience with his acting skills despite his rookie status.

Lee Jae Wook Is A Part Of Hyun Bin’s Agency


Hyun Bin’s agency has an eye for talent indeed.

Lee Jae Wook is a part of VAST Entertainment, an agency that houses many rising Korean actors including Kim Ji In who plays a supporting character in “Extraordinary You” alongside Lee Jae Wook.

Lee Jae Wook First Acting Gig Was In 2018


Lee Jae Wook only began acting in 2018 with a small but important role for “Memories of the Alhambra,” which also starred his label-mate Hyun Bin.

Since then he went on to play roles in “Search: WWW” and the currently airing drama “Extraordinary You.”

Lee Jae Wook Has Cute Hobbies


In a recent magazine photo-shoot with Marie Claire, the rising actor opened up about what he does during his free time. He says that he likes watching films and writing down things by hand. He added that he usually likes drawing maps with a pen when analyzing characters he’s playing.

Lee Jae Wook Was Drawn To His Character In “Extraordinary You” Because It’s The Opposite Of His Real Character


To promote “Extraordinary You,” the cast of the drama sat down for interviews that were released to the press. During one interview, Lee Jae Wook explained what drew him to the character of Baek Kyung, he says,

“Baek Kyung is someone with a lot of pain and a tough personality, but I’m vibrant and positive,” said Lee Jae Wook. “For some reason, I was drawn to Baek Kyung because he’s different from me, and it’s fun portraying a different person.

Baek Kyung isn’t a character who’s just cold and rough, but he’s also someone who is awkward at expressing himself, is possessive, and has a tender heart. I looked up many projects with dark vibes and studied them. During that process, I researched many emotions and expressions, and worked hard to portray Baek Kyung in my own way, so please look forward to it.”

Source: Soompi

Lee Jae Wook Has An Instagram Account

View this post on Instagram

우리팀은 이런 사진을 좋아해🤪 내일도 본방사수 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️

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You can follow the rising actor on his Instagram account here; he shares many cute selfies from the set of his dramas and usually interacts with fellow actors from his currently ongoing drama “Extraordinary You.”

He has been gaining new fans at an extremely fast pace, he’s currently sitting at 806K followers as of this writing.

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비 오면 감정 기복 오는 사람 나야나✋🏻

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Lee Jae Wook Has Already Starred In His First Film


Despite being on-screen for about a year, he’s already managed to snag his first role on the big screen for “Battle of Jangsari” which is led by SHINee’s Minho and the American actress Megan Fox; he plays the role of one of the young students.

This is an impressive feat because many actors usually focus on dramas before moving to the big screen. Lee Jae Wook is definitely destined for great things in the future since he’s already appeared on the big screen.

Netizens And International Fans Are Already Obsessed With Him


Lee Jae Wook popularity has been on the rise since his debut in 2018, but with his role as the notoriously difficult Baek Kyung in “Extraordinary You,” he managed to amass a following that anticipates his every move.

He already has many fan-accounts dedicated to his updates on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. His engagement rate on Instagram is amazing considering that he doesn’t have millions of followers- yet.

Netizens left many positive comments praising his acting in “Extraordinary You,” international fans are also obsessed with his acting and are excited for his next role.

What’s next for Lee Jae Wook?


Lee Jae Wook is still playing the second leading role in “Extraordinary You” but he already has plans for his next project. He was recently confirmed for JTBC upcoming drama “I’ll Go to You When the Weather Is Nice.”

He joined Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon.

“I’ll Go to You When the Weather Is Nice” is set to air in the first half of 2020.

You can keep up with the rising rookie actor news from here.

Are you a new fan of Lee Jae Wook? Did any of these facts shock you?

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  1. Thank you for this great article introducing new fans to Lee Jae Wook! We look forward to more roles from this amazingly talented and handsome actor! And our fan base will always be here to support him.

    -Lee Jae Wook Focus

  2. I am currently watching “Extraordinary You” on Netflix. I decided to become a fan of him. He deserves a lot of leading roles! Great performance.

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