Actor Lee Jae Wook is a new face to the Korean entertainment industry but despite being a rookie, he’s being labeled one of the best upcoming Korean actors.

He’s been trending on various Korean news outlets with his recent appearance as the second lead in “Extraordinary You.” He attracted attention for his good acting, good looks, and manners.

But who is Lee Jae Wook? Are there any interesting facts to learn about him? Today we’ll go through everything we know about Lee Jae Wook- so far.

1He Looks Older Than He Actually Is

2Lee Jae Wook Is A Part Of Hyun Bin’s Agency

3Lee Jae Wook First Acting Gig Was In 2018

4Lee Jae Wook Has Cute Hobbies

5Lee Jae Wook Was Drawn To His Character In “Extraordinary You” Because It’s The Opposite Of His Real Character

6Lee Jae Wook Has An Instagram Account

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우리팀은 이런 사진을 좋아해🤪 내일도 본방사수 🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️

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You can follow the rising actor on his Instagram account here; he shares many cute selfies from the set of his dramas and usually interacts with fellow actors from his currently ongoing drama “Extraordinary You.”

He has been gaining new fans at an extremely fast pace, he’s currently sitting at 806K followers as of this writing.

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비 오면 감정 기복 오는 사람 나야나✋🏻

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7Lee Jae Wook Has Already Starred In His First Film

8Netizens And International Fans Are Already Obsessed With Him

9What’s next for Lee Jae Wook?



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