Netizens Shocked To See Fans Mob, Shove And Bump Into SF9 Despite Fears Of Coronavirus Outbreak In The Country

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Netizens are shocked after seeing large numbers of fans waiting for boy group SF9 at the airport.

South Korea is currently battling the coronavirus, and as of this writing, the number of cases has reached over 4000. While the country is trying its best you have Kpop fans who still believe that it’s a good idea to mob idols as they return from the airport.

Mobbing has long been an issue with idol groups, but as the virus spread, many chose to stay at home as the government recommended people to avoid crowded places for obvious reasons. Overcrowding situation at such times present a huge obstacle and could lead to deadly consequences, many could either end up getting infected or infect others around them.

On March 1, SF9 arrived at Incheon International Airport after an overseas schedule. News outlet Newsen was there to capture photos and the footage they released from the overcrowding situation will make your jaws drop.

The video shows fans shove and bump into each other as they fight to get a glimpse of their idols. Netizens weren’t kind with words and called the crowd ‘stupid’ and ‘inconsiderate’ for their actions at such a challenging time.

The comment section of the video was filled with people heavily criticizing the fans for being dumb enough to do this still despite the risks, they’re being called ‘crazy,’ ‘mindless,’ and worse.

You can check out the video below:

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What do you think of this situation?

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