J.Y. Park Under Fire For Criticizing A Healthy 17-Year-Old Contestant Weight

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J.Y. Park is receiving criticism for his advice to a 17-year-old contestant on season one of “Nizi Project.”

The 21-minute episode was uploaded to JYP Entertainment channel and had English subtitles. Many fans were upset with J.Y. Park’s remarks towards a young and healthy teenager.

The contestant Ikematsu Riria was being judged by J.Y. Park, who pointed out that the most difficult thing for him during his singing career of 25 years was weight management, he says weight affects dancing,

“Body weight has a direct effect on dancing. When you were dancing, your body was very heavy and slow.”

And the caption of the show made it worse because it reads,

“Pointing out her lack of self-care.”

Plus his comments on her singing, he added,

“It doesn’t look like you want to improve your dancing, because you haven’t controlled your weight and danced every day.”

A tweet of the particular clip has been shared on twitter; many fans expressed their disappointment with J.Y. Park and the way he judged her weight, here are some of their comments:

You can watch the full clip below:

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What do you think of J.Y. Park’s comments? Do you think it’s too much or important to teenagers who want to be idols?

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