Park Seo Joon’s “Itaewon Class” Is On Its Way To Become JTBC Next Big Hit

Park Seo Joon’s “Itaewon Class” is doing really well!

“Itaewon Class” has been under the radar of many fans as it marked Park Seo Joon’s return to the small screen in two years. Fans were excited to see him play the underdog role again in the highly anticipated new drama.

Last week, “Itaewon Class” did really well. It premiered to a great start and the ratings rose for its second episode as well. This week, things are looking even better.

“Itaewon Class” third episode has scored an average 8% nationwide according to Nielsen Korea, it’s a 2.7% increase from its previous episode and its best so far.

Since “Itaewon Class” is a cable drama such numbers are considered great. Fans have been giving positive reviews of the new drama; many estimate the drama will do even better with today’s episode.

Have you seen “Itaewon Class” yet?

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