Netizens Surprised By How Well Kris Can Still Speaking Korean After Leaving EXO 6 Years Ago

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A recent clip of Kris Wu speaking Korean has gone viral and netizens are impressed!

The former EXO member Kris left the group 6 years ago, he went through training in SM to debut in EXO and had to learn Korean, but as time goes by as with most regular people, they tend to forget the new language they learned if they don’t have the outlet to practice it or speak it anymore.

And since Kris left South Korea as he left EXO and SM, he didn’t return and focused his activities in China and overseas which naturally meant he couldn’t speak much Korean as he used to.

However, a recent clip of Kris speaking Korean has attracted attention. He’s filming for an ongoing Chinese variety show, and in one of the recent episodes a Korean customer had issues with her product but didn’t know how to communicate it properly in English, Kris switched to Korean while displaying great customer service.

Netizens were impressed by how well he spoke during the segment, they expressed their surprise to learn that Kris tone and pronunciation was still this good.

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Check out the clip below:

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