NCT 127 struggles with fans at the airport have been captured on camera, again!

On February 21, NCT 127 made their way to Gimpo International Airport for a schedule in Japan. Despite SM’s efforts to provide security for the boys, the attempts failed and the boys’ struggles to walk properly because of how many fans were present there to see them off.

Yuta struggled the most among his members, a fan got too close to the idol visibly surprising him. Cameras by fans and reporters came too close to the members’ faces as well.

NCT 127 members looked tired and the situation could’ve definitely been better if fans gave a chance for the members of NCT 127 to breathe.

Fans who saw photos and videos of the situation are upset that overcrowding still happens at airports despite all previous warnings from companies. Companies have also been releasing statements advising fans not to come to the airport to greet idols because of the ongoing coronavirus threat.

Check out photos from the incident below:


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