Eric Nam Confesses Why He Always Avoided Talking About MAMAMOO Solar After “We Got Married”

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Eric Nam explained at last why he avoids talking about MAMAMOO Solar as much as possible following their appearance as a virtual newlywed couple in “We Got Married.”

On February 3 podcast of “K-Pop Daebak w/ Eric Nam,” Eric Nam opened up about his experience appearing on the show and how fans’ response made him extremely sensitive about mentioning Solar anywhere.

Solar and Eric Nam appeared on the popular show in 2016 for 8 months; they were considered one of the show’s best virtual couples and even won an award for their appearance. However, Eric Nam avoids mentioning Solar, he explained why,

“When I was promoting my album when it dropped in November, MAMAMOO and I were actually on a radio show together,” shared Eric Nam. “It was the first time all of us had been on a show together since ‘We Got Married.’

It was a very sensitive topic for a long time, in the sense that I got a lot of hate.

And I’m sure it probably went both ways too. But being on ‘We Got Married,’ for the people who are on it, if you are an idol or if you are a singer, there is a lot of sensitivity in terms of there are people who don’t care, and they’re just like, ‘It’s a great show’ or ‘We just really like you two as a pair,’ but there are also many people who really don’t like us that way.”

He says he is not being dismissive of the topic but very cautious when bringing it up for this reason,

“If you look back at the radio show, Solar and I were visibly very cautious and like uncomfortable at points

It was like funny, it’s laughable to me, because I’m just like, ‘We can be friends,’ but it’s a cautious thing. It’s crazy that I still have to feel nervous to say, ‘I’m a MAMAMOO fan.’

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Are you surprised by his explanation?

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