BTS Is The Only Kpop Group From 2013 That Is Still Active And Together

Here is an interesting fun fact for you, BTS is the only Kpop group that debuted in 2013 that is still officially standing.

A recent community post on a forum pointed out a fact that many people don’t really pay attention to or bother recall, it’s the fact that BTS is the only group that debuted in 2013 that has stayed together and is still active.

The post explained that the only other groups left from 2013 besides BTS are Topp Dogg and Ladies Code. However, Topp Dogg has changed their name to Xeno-T and gone many many member changes over the years, on the other hand, Ladies Code future is not certain after they left their agency recently following the expiration of their contracts. Its important to point out that the group didn’t officially disband but their future is unknown and uncertain as of this writing.

Given these details, this leaves us with only group left standing, BTS. BTS debuted in 2013 as part of then-unknown label Big Hit, over time, they managed to grow a huge following and are now the most successful boy group in the world and one of the biggest artists as well.

The community post also drew attention because of the harsh environment of idols promoting. Its only been 7 years since 2013 but many of these idol groups have either disbanded, disappeared or went through serious changes. It goes to show just how cruel and fast-paced the Kpop industry is.

What did you think of this fact? Is there any group from 2013 that you miss?

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1 thought on “BTS Is The Only Kpop Group From 2013 That Is Still Active And Together”

  1. That’s not true. AlphaBAT is also still around. Yes they’ve lost members and aren’t as active but they’re still a group. So is Boys Republic, even though they’re on indefinite hiatus. They’ll be back together after they all complete their military service. I’m sure there are others I don’t know about because if you aren’t BTS you get overlooked.


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