Boy Group A.C.E Suffer Terror Attack By Super Glue On Their Car, Agency To Take Strict Legal Action

Boy Group A.C.E has been attacked last night!

On February 19, A.C.E’s agency Beat Interactive revealed that the group’s car has been attacked. In their statement, they explain their plans to take strict legal action against the attackers as well as malicious comments and rumors.

The incident occurred last night around 10 p.m. it was a super glue terror attacked that targeted A.C.E’s car which was by their practice room. They concluded that the incident was intended to cause harm to A.C.E members and damage property by figuring out A.C.E’s schedule and the route they take in advance.

Beat Interactive also added that the incident has been reported to the police as soon as the situation was recognized. The police are now investigating with CCTV and strict punishment will be given to the attackers without leniency.

A.C.E members are said to be experiencing mental unease and fear of the same situation happening to them again.

The agency also plans on taking strict legal action against groundless false rumors, explicit personal attacks, and malicious defamation of A.C.E. members. The agency added,

“Since the mental and physical conditions of the members have significantly weakened, their scheduled activities will be adjusted and they will receive psychiatric counseling as requested.

In conclusion, we apologized for inevitably causing concern to fans and we express our gratitude for the trust and support you’ve always given A.C.E.”

Super glue attack is probably the same thing that was used to harm TVXQ’s Yunho, an anti-fan had given him juice laced with super glue ini 2006 and he drank it. Thankfully, the manager caught wind of the incident and told him to vomit.

The anti-fan who attacked A.C.E probably wanted to poison the members as well. If indigested, the super glue can cause serious harm and even lead to suffocation.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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