This Kpop agency is gaining lots of respect among fans and nonfans for the way they’re handling sasaengs (obsessed so-called fans who stalk idols).

VICTON’s agency Play M had a different approach to dealing with sasaengs and everyone is finding their approach so refreshing to see. Play M released a fancafe long post calling out sasaengs in the best way possible; they posted photos of these sasaengs and demonstrated how they stalk their idols shamelessly.

Some sasaengs traced down the idols’ individual schedules and followed them around, others waited in the parking lot of their training facilities. The agency shared actual photos of those sasaengs’s backs (not revealing their identity) and showed everyone how creepy and intrusive they were with their approach.

Play M also wrote that they believe it’s a shame some sasaengs are referred to as ‘fans’ or ‘sasaeng fans,’ they explain that there is no reason to justify doing this hiding behind the word ‘fan’ anymore.

They also called them ‘assailants’ and revealed they will do their best to press firm legal charges against all of them. Play M also explained that the members are currently spending time with their families to recharge and come back stronger and requested that fans help protect their peaceful time and not bother them during Lunar year holidays.

Fans of the group and nonfans alike were surprised by the way Play M addressed the situation but happy with it nonetheless. Kpop agencies almost never do that, fans loved the way they confronted those sasaengs.

Comments of netizens on the post shared on The Qoo showed how the majority support the agency approach and find it “refreshing” to see, many praised the agency for taking a firm stance against those stalkers.

Check out the photos they shared:

What do you think of their approach?


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