The Story Behind How BTS Jin And Lee Yi Kyung Became Friends Before Their Fame And How They Reunited As Celebrities


BTS is known for having many friends within the Korean entertainment industry so much so that it’s sometimes hard to recall all of their friends’ names.

When fans saw a selfie of actor Lee Yi Kyung and BTS Jin together, many didn’t even know they were friends and at last, we get to hear the story of how they met and became friends.

On January 15 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” actor Lee Yi Kyung was among the guests. During the show, one of the MCs asked him about his close celebrity friends and he responded with BTS Jin, he explained how they met a long time ago,

“After I got discharged from the military, I went to acting school near my home at the age of 23. Then, Jin was 18 or 19 and he went there to learn acting in his school uniform. We studied acting together then.

He was known for being handsome back then too.”

He also explained that the school they had gone too is no longer in operation and talked about how they lost touched when they moved to different universities. They reunited in 2018, Lee Yi Kyung explained,

“I came off stage after presenting at the 2019 MAMA, and Seokjin (Jin real name) was running back behind me shouting ‘hyung.’ He still remembered me. I was grateful for that, because I know that’s not easy.”

Lee Yi Kyung revealed that they now meet up every once and a while and even joked with the MCs that he was afraid of talking about Jin.

You can check out the clip where he talks about Jin below:

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