Check Out Park Bo Young Savage Response After Being Involved In Dating Rumors With Actor Kim Hee Won

Park Bo Young is not happy about the false dating rumors connecting her to actor Kim Hee Won!

Recently, posts spread on online communities about both actors claiming the two were spotted dining together on several occasions, to make matters more inconvenient, CCTV photos of the two at a café circulated online.

In response to mounting pressure from the public for an official response from both sides, Actor Kim Hee Won firmly denied the news through an official statement released by his agency, “the rumors are absolutely not true.”

On the other hand, Park Bo Young took a savage approach and responded to those rumors with her own statement which reads as follows:

“Wow dating rumors..

I am all grown up now… even getting involved in dating rumors.

Its not true. I became close with Hee Won while working on “Hot Young Bloods” and “Collective Invention,” regardless of our age; we are good friends and have a good senior junior relationship.

We do eat together often, that is true!!!

We even drink tea together!!!

We had even gone to Yeongdeok to eat snow crab, it was the three of us including the “Collective Invention” director..”

Park Bo Young also talked about how difficult it is to issue a rebuttal since she doesn’t have an agency right now. She also says she plans on asking the café in Yeongdeok to take down the CCTV screenshot since it was posted without their consent.

“Writing without confirming the truth though… is quite… I don’t like it…

I’ll keep any eye on you on the web and if it becomes too extreme, I will take legal action.

Thank you ^^ Have a nice day^^”

Actress Park Bo Young is understandably upset about photos of her getting leaked without her permission causing unnecessary misunderstandings, fans love her response to those rumors.

What did you think of her statement?

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