BLACKPINK Lisa Sexually Harassed Online With Disgusting Comments By A Café Owner Where She Posed For Photos

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BLACKPINK Lisa fans are furious after seeing a café owner posts about her.

BLACKPINK Lisa returned home a couple of days ago and on January 2nd; she posted a couple of photos of her recent photoshoot at MQQN Cafe Bangkok, she received lots of love for the beautiful photos. However, fans noticed that the café owner had posted some pretty nasty sexually harassing comments about her online.


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The café owner posted on social media about his plans to sell the seat, glass, and spoon she had used, but that wasn’t the only things he talked about or implied, here are some of the things fans have found that could only be described as disturbing and disgusting:

He posted to social media about being offered as much as 100,000 baht (US$3,300) for the seat she had used, he says he wasn’t happy with the price offered and he aimed for a higher price.

There was also mention of whether Lisa had used the restroom and people in the comments to his post began discussing her hair and more, she was being disrespected not only by the owner but people in the comments to his post.

BLACKPINK Lisa fans expressed disgust by the sexual harassment she had received. They trended this hashtag #LowlyMQQNcafe on twitter to bring awareness into the issue.

Fans even banded together to boycott the café due to the owner nasty comments, soon the owner released an apology to his Facebook account but it was poorly received because his apology focused on fans rather than Lisa who was the victim of his comments.

Fans have been also emailing YG Entertainment asking them to take strict legal action against the café owner.

Here are some of fans’ reactions to the news:

What do you think of this situation?

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  1. Lisa deserves better, why do people like those exist, DiSgUsTiNg, she may not be my bias, but AT LEAST SHOW LISA AND HER HUMAN RIGHTS RESPECT, I’m only 12 and I see a WHOOOOOOOOLE lotta crap in this point of view, ughhh 바보

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