Ariana Grande Had The Best Response To Yeri Who Said She Envied BTS For Meeting Her Idol

Red Velvet Yeri is the luckiest fan!

Ariana Grande had recently shared a photo with BTS, she ran into them while they practiced for their highly anticipated upcoming performance at the 2020 Grammy Awards, she shared photos to her social media accounts, fans went crazy.

But what does Yeri have to do with this? Well, if you know Red Velvet then you know that Yeri’s idol is Ariana Grande, she had previously talked about how much she admired her. Yeri left a comment on Ariana’s photo with BTS saying she envied them for meeting Ariana.

Ariana Grande has seen Yeri’s comment and had the best response to a longtime fan, she wrote her back,

“Can’t wait to hug u one day.”

We bet that Yeri probably screamed when she saw her comment. Fans are equally excited to see that Yeri has gotten a reply from Ariana Grande and wish for her to meet her idol one day; Yeri said she’d love to meet Ariana Grande before she dies.

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Ariana Grande previously followed Yeri in summer of 2019, it was the first ever kpop idol account she’d follow.

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