Ariana Grande Confirms Her Photo With BTS Jungkook Was NOT FAKE


Its finally been confirmed, once and for all!

Last year, the internet went crazy when Ariana Grande posted a selfie with BTS Jungkook, Jungkook had attended her concert  Jungkook attended Ariana Grande’s concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California and took a photo with her backstage.

It was probably a dream come true to Jungkook, he and BTS have named Ariana Grande as one of the artists they enjoy during interviews. ARMY were also excited to one day see the group and Ariana Grande interact together and when it finally happened, it was met with actually mixed responses.

At the time, when we reported the story many fans were convinced that the photo was an edit and was fake, many fans seem to still believe this to this day. Some thought that Ariana Grande found the photo online and shared it on her Instagram while others thought she purposefully edited it and shared it online.

On twitter account recently brought up this topic and asked Ariana Grande to confirm that the photo was real,

“please, PLEASE tell the audience that this isn’t an edit because a lot of people tend to think so… ALOT. @ArianaGrande.”

Ariana Grande responded to the tweet with,

‘it’s not. ask @AlfredoFlores ! but wow what a moment. WHYYY would i post an edit thanking him for coming to my show.”

And there you go ARMY, it’s not fake!

The fact that some claimed a superstar as big as Ariana Grande would actually take time and effort to ask her team to edit a photo with BTS Jungkook is nothing short of ridiculous.

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There are many fans who’d love to see Jungkook and Ariana Grande collaborate, and they think it’s more of a possibility after the two stars met.

What did you think of the fans who actually believed it was fake? And would you like to see Ariana Grande collaborate with BTS?



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