Lee Sang Yoon definitely wasn’t expecting to receive this many hate comments for playing the notorious character in “VIP.”

On December 18, actors Lee Sang Yoon and Shin Jae Ha held a live chat broadcast through Kakao M. They sat down to talk about “VIP,” its success, and stories from behind-the-scenes.

“VIP” has been enjoying great success and recently rated 13.9% for its second half of episode 14, it’s personal best thus far. Netizens and international fans can’t get enough of the drama.

Lee Sang Yoon plays the role of the cheating husband in this drama, and as the drama progressed, people began to hate the character Park Sung Joon even more. Lee Sang Yoon said he wasn’t expecting to get this explosive response for playing Park Sung Joon,

“This is the first time in my life that I was cursed at so much. I expected it to a degree but it exceeded my expectations. Over 10,000 people came into this broadcast just to curse at me. I am grateful that they can immerse themselves into this drama so much to curse me out.”

Shin Jae Ha added,

“You said this drama would do as well as Park Sung Joon was hated, so its really doing well.”

Lee Sang Yoon responded with a laugh,

“The drama is doing well, I am being cursed by a lot people around the world, if it’s a good thing to be cursed out, then its really doing well.”

Lee Sang Yoon and Jang Nara had recently had a fun interaction on Instagram about the hate comments he’s been receiving.

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What do you think of the character he plays in “VIP”?

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My Personal Thoughts

Lee Sang Yoon is a great actor, and I think this is one of his best-performing kdramas in recent memory, he’s doing so well and I honestly can’t stand his character.

I put “VIP” as one of my personal favorite 2019 kdramas and it’s because of the fact that it challenges the trope of the moral male lead, this time, we have a male lead who is not a good person. We usually get the jerk male lead, but they’re usually still moral and wouldn’t do anything that’s illegal or immoral.

This is why I like “VIP,” it’s different and very interesting. I admit I despise Park Sung Joon, I can’t stand his face, but I also believe that most people only hate Park Sung Joon not Lee Sang Yoon, he’s doing well. I hope he wins awards for his role in this drama.