Lee Sang Yoon is currently leading the very successful drama “VIP” alongside Jang Nara.

The drama recently achieved its personal best rating record with over 13%. Lee Sang Yoon is playing the role of Park Sung Joon who cheats on his wife (played by Jang Nara) with On Yoo Ri (played by Pyo Ye Jin).

Because the drama is a huge success and because Lee Sang Yoon character is very difficult to like, some netizens have been leaving hate comments on the character for his immoral actions. Lee Sang Yoon playfully addressed the situation.

On December 11, Lee Sang Yoon shared photos of himself reading through his phone, he addressed the negative comments he’s been receiving,

“Should I take a look at this week’s reactions? … Sigh… I am thankful that you’re seeing Lee Sang Yoon as Park Sung Joon, but at the same time, I also feel… haha. There are only two weeks left! Let’s work hard till the end!!”

Jang Nara left a sweet comment on his photo,

“Director Park is working really hard,” with a crying and laughing emoji, Lee Sang Yoon replied with, “Deputy Na, you’re doing through a lot of heartache.”

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Lee Sang Yoon has been receiving many positive reviews for his excellent portrayal of Park Sung Joon.

What do you think of his acting in this drama?