Lee Dong Wook Reluctantly Answers Questions About “Produce X 101” Controversy

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Actor Lee Dong Wook couldn’t avoid being asked about the huge controversy surrounding “Produce X101” during a press conference for his upcoming talk show “Because I Want to Talk.”

The press conference for his first talk show was held on December 2. Since Lee Dong Wook was the host of Mnet’s “Produce X 101,” he couldn’t avoid the pressing question about his thoughts on the ongoing controversy which is considered one of the biggest controversies to ever happen to cable Korean TV channels.

The main PD of the show was booked on suspicions of manipulating the show’s results. He admitted to manipulating “Produce X 101” and it’s precedent season as well as reportedly admitted to partially manipulating Produce 101 season 1 and 2.

When asked to share his thoughts on the controversy, Lee Dong Wook was reluctant to respond but stated:

“I’ll answer your question. It’s not something I should be talking about but since you asked I’ll answer.

There are many controversies and the situation isn’t looking too good. Despite that, I can’t stop carrying my own work but that doesn’t mean I separate myself from the show.

I personally contacted the kids and shared my opinion with them as well. I won’t talk about it in details but I think it’s unfortunate how it turned out.”

Lee Dong Wook highly anticipated upcoming talk show “Because I Want to Talk” will air its first episode on December 4. As previously reported, Gong Yoo will be the first guest of his show.

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