On November 26, Twitter alarmed Kpop fans and especially shawols after their recent announcement. Twitter had announced their plans to delete accounts that had been inactive for more than 6 months beginning on December 11.

SHINee’s fandom (shawols) were struck by the news and grew worried, they worried that Jonghyun’s activities on the account will be deleted along with his account as well. Many other fans of many deceased celebrities were also protesting twitter changes.

In response to twitter new announcement, shawols trended two hashtags #종현이와의_소중한추억 (#OurPreciousMemories_WithJonghyun) and #소중한추억_없애지말아줘 (#PleaseDon’tDelete_OurPreciousMemories). Fans tweeted many times to twitter asking them to keep Jonghyun’s account. The fandom tried their best to protect that account from disappearing.

And it worked, twitter then followed up with a notice explaining the controversial decision, they explained that accounts in the EU region would be affected by this and that they would strive to reach a better solution regarding accounts of the deceased.


Are you happy to see twitter’s response?


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