Zico Directly References Jung Joon Young “Golden Phone” Controversy In His Song


Rapper Zico has addressed his controversy in his recent song “Extreme”!

During the height of Jung Joon Young controversy, his name was brought up because of something he said on TV. Zico was heavily criticized for the now infamous phrase ‘the golden phone’ which was actually coined by Zico himself.

Zico had previously stated on “Radio Star” that Jung Joon Young has a special phone he only uses for messaging,

“It’s not his main phone, and he only uses it for KakaoTalk [a messaging app]. It’s kind of like a Pokémon book, with many people in it.”

Jung Joon Young was also a guest on that episode of “Radio Star,” he responded,

“Zico comes over to my house and asks, ‘Hyung, where’s your golden phone?’ He’ll lie on my bed and look at it, saying, ‘Today, I’ll start from the letter A.’”

He addressed the controversy in a previous statement and denied having viewed those illegally taken footage, he also promised strict legal action against the spreading of false rumors,

“All that I saw on the phone in question was the contact information of [his] acquaintances.”

As you’d expect, netizens were still not convinced that a man would look at phone contacts for hours on end as said by Jung Joon Young himself.

Due to the heavy criticism, Zico had laid low until a couple of weeks ago when he announced that he’d make his first comeback under his new label, KOZ Entertainment.

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In one of the tracks of his recently released album he directly references the phone controversy, the song is called “Extreme,” he says,

“I’ve never seen a video like that, swear to god.”

Zico has also released a music video for this track, you can take a look at it below:

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