Why Gong Yoo Felt Extremely Exhausted After Filming The Immensely Successful Drama “Goblin”

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Gong Yoo has been away from the spotlight for a while now; fans are excited to have him back.

The beloved actor had a busy 2017 with the massive success of tvN’s “Goblin.” The drama remains to this day one of the most beloved kdramas of all time. It earned Gong Yoo even more fans and more recognition. However, fans had noticed that following the success of his drama, Gong Yoo disappeared from the spotlight.

Fans finally understand why. In a recent interview for his upcoming movie “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982,” he explained why he chose to come back with a movie as a follow up to “Goblin,” he said,

“I was exhausted after ‘Goblin.’ A lot of good things have happened to me, Of course, I was happy because it was a good thing, but there were many emotions that came after that. It was a time when I thought I was a little tired and needed time for myself after finishing promotions and overseas activities.

I thought I needed time for me to look back, heal and take care of myself, and I actually took that time for myself. I regained my energy during that time and felt that I could decide on my next project.”

“Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” is Gong Yoo first project in over two years; he talked about what drew him to his character,

“I like stories and characters that are close to reality. It’s about trivial and everyday stories, people who watch these types of movies can see themselves in them.”

He also said that as he grows older he’s leaning more towards such types of roles and projects.

“Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” hits theaters on October 23 KST.

Are you excited about Gong Yoo’s upcoming movie?

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My Personal Thoughts

I swear I sensed that. It was back in 2017, when he cried while accepting an award, I just felt that his heart was heavy and he was exhausted.

I am glad that he took time off and didn’t feel a lot of pressure by trying to follow that success with another one too soon. That’s the difference between veteran actors and rookie actors I guess. He also realizes people will still want to see him even if he took time away, I am glad he did that.

Too often, I see actors and idols try too hard and work to the bone trying to secure their spot in the industry, it can take a toll on them and it ruins their health. I am happy to hear Gong Yoo says that he’s doing great these days and confidently talk about why he took time off.

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