Korean Reporter Heavily Criticized For Claiming Gdragon Was Referring To Seungri In His Post


VIPs are not happy about this reporter article!

It was previously reported that Gdragon made his first social media post since February of 2019, in his post, he screenshot a couple of quotes from his G-Dragon’s tour DVD plus snippets from Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s letter to his lover that he wrote back in 1988.

The Korean reporter wrote the article title in a way that seems to suggest that Gdragon was referencing Seungri with his snippets of Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s letter, as one line reads,

“Sweet taste of victory.”

In case you didn’t know, Seungri’s name means victory in Korean. The reporter made the wrong correlation and hinted that Gdragon could’ve been taking aim at Seungri with his post.

Korean netizens were not happy to read the title and heavily criticized the reporter for their far-fetched claim; they asked the reporter to better educate themselves to ensure such an error doesn’t happen in the future, some of their comments were to the effect of ‘ignorant reporter,’ ‘do your research,’ ‘do some studying, you’re embarrassing,’ and more.

The reporter eventually adjusted the article title following the immense backlash.

On a happier note, G-Dragon will be officially discharged on October 26th.

What do you think of this reporter action?


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