MONSTA X Wonho Words Taken Out Of Context At Past Fan Sign Event, Starship, Minhyuk And Wonho Issue Apologizes After It Goes Viral

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Starship Entertainment, Wonho, and Minhyuk posted apology statements to MONSTA X official fan café on October 26.

Many fans were wondering what happened that led to these statements and why it had to do with something that nearly happened 6 months ago.

During a past MONSTA X fan sign event back on March 9, Minhyuk was pretending to interview Wonho’s chest with a microphone, Minhyuk asked ‘Mr. nips please say something..’ In response to the joke, Wonho raises his hands and says ‘me too, me too’ in English.

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If you’re asking why an old seemingly innocent video is being discussed that’s because one Korean internet user posted a 23-second video of this particular interaction, the video went viral and soon various Korean news outlets began covering it.

Many netizens expressed their disappointment in Wonho for what they interpreted to be him trying to make a punchline out of the important movement; many saw the video and concluded that Wonho was trying to make fun of it.

The #Metoo movement is an online movement dedicated to bringing attention to the issues of sexual assault and sexual harassment through survivors sharing stories about it.

When taken out of context, the video can be seen as if Wonho was ‘making fun’ of the serious movement but if you look into what led up to this particular Minhyuk-Wonho interaction, you’ll realize that it’s been taken out of context.

A twitter user explained it and how the interaction came to be. Wonho meant something entirely different and his comment was unrelated to the #MeToo movement, check out the thread below: [Note: the thread is long, so click on it to read the full picture]

After various news outlets began covering the story, Starship Entertainment issued a response in which they apologized to fans and to everyone who was offended by what was said. According to Soompi, they stated,

“Hello, this is Starship Entertainment. While there were absolutely no negative intentions at MONSTA X’s fan sign event earlier this year, nor during the promotions at the time, we would like to sincerely apologize to everyone and all the fans who felt uncomfortable at the behavior and comments that left a lot of room for misunderstanding.”

They also explain that the issues were recognized after it was brought up to them and that they’re deeply reflecting on ‘the careless words and actions’ that happened.

Despite their apology, many netizens pointed out that it’s very vague and it doesn’t directly address what the issue was exactly. It was also reported that when fans asked for an apology from both Wonho and Minhyuk to the group fan café, these posts were being deleted. However, this has not been confirmed.

Later, both Wonho and Minhyuk issued apology statements. Wonho’s statement was slightly longer than Minhyuk’s. Wonho stated,

“I would like to sincerely apologize to the fans and everyone who may have been hurt during my thoughtless comments at the March fan sign event.”

He also goes into details about how he didn’t know that this could’ve done harm to the #MeToo movement; he apologizes over and over again and states that he’s repenting on his “careless actions.” He also promised fans to, “be careful with my words and actions in the future,” and to learn more about areas in which he’s lacking.

Minhyuk also released a similar apology,

“I would like to apologize to the fans and everyone who was hurt by my careless thoughts and actions.”

He also explains that through this he learned that his comments could cause harm and discomfort to his fans, he promised fans to do his best in order not to repeat such mistakes. He also apologized over and over again. You can read both their detailed statements here.

The twitter user who posted the now-viral video has even tweeted that the exact timing was deliberate which led, even more, MONSTA X fans to believe that they were targeting the group ahead of their highly anticipated comeback.

What do you think of this?

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  1. This is beyond disgusting and perpetrated by a troll trying to hurt the group for absolutely no reason. And the sheep that followed them are no better!

  2. The troll should be punished and should be the one to apologize not just for false accusations they made about Wonho but also to the victims that relate to the me too movement it disgusting that they would use such a serious important topic that has such an impact on many women just because they don’t like the boys.

  3. This is just crazy…he never meant it in that way..those who believe are the ones being targeted by the person who posted the video in the first place ….this is just a way to defame the group!!!

  4. If I had the looks abd talents of being an idol, I would not even do it for this very reason. People look way too deep into things and always blame the idol when something like this was taken out of context. Be careful of what and how you say things for sure because that’s a sign of respect, but if you did nothing wrong why apologize? I would not if I did nothing wrong and if everyone leaves a group of soloist because of that then they are not real fans. You do not need everyone’s adoration to be a successful group. Focus on doing quality work and being yourself, the rest will follow.

  5. Who really knows wonho that well they wilL be sure that he did’nt meant anything bad its unfair they ruined his life as an idol and make him loose his career And still take it as a joke
    those creepy minded dont deserve to live or to be called as a human

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