IU Personally Apologizes To Fans For Delaying Her Album + Explains Why She Needs Time For Herself


IU will be delaying the release of her highly anticipated album and pre-release song.

Previously, it was announced that IU’s comeback plans were put on hold following Sulli’s tragic passing. IU used to be extremely close to Sulli and was probably heavily affected by the news of her tragic passing.

On October 20, IU posted a message to her official fan café, in her message; she apologizes to fans directly while explaining why her album release will be delayed.

She says that she has decided to postpone the schedule of her upcoming album which was set to drop on November 1,

“I thought long and hard about the schedule with the staff member due to problems regarding the overall message of the concert and the set list, but to be honest, I think I need a little time for myself.”

She announced that the song “Love Poem” will be pre-released on November 1 instead of October 28. She explains that she prepared the concert and the album around this particular song and would love for fans to hear it during the upcoming concert.

She added,

“It’s a decision I have reached because my abilities as an individual didn’t match my responsibilities as the album’s producer and singer holding the concert, so I am sorry for UAENA [IU fandom name] who have been waiting for new music eagerly.”

She ended her statement promising not to disappoint fans with her upcoming music and concert,

“I rambled a bit, but I wanted to apologize through my own words, so I wrote this post. I am really sorry and I am always grateful.”

IU didn’t elaborate on the exact release date of her upcoming album as a whole which was supposed to drop on November 1st.

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Fans have been sending messages of support to IU asking her to take all the time she needs.

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  1. IU stay strong we here for you, sorry for losing a dear friend. My prayers are with you and the family of Sulli. May God continue protecting you IU and keep you safe.


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