How Saudi Arabia Pulled Out All The Stops To Make Sure BTS Felt Welcome At Their Country


BTS has finally arrived in Saudi Arabia!

Probably one of the most anticipated and discussed concerts that BTS has ever done will be their first concert in the Middle East, specifically in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The boys arrived in Saudi Arabia roughly 10 hours ago, since then and according to fans’ sightings, the boys hit the stadium to practice for their upcoming concert on October 11.

BTS choice to hold a concert in Saudi Arabia was met with mixed responses from some international ARMY, some had issues with BTS performing at Saudi Arabia considering their political motivations and actions which according to ARMY contradicts the image and message BTS is trying to promote.

Despite some backlash, the concert is set to be held as scheduled and Saudi Arabia made sure to make the boys feel welcomed in Riyadh pulling all the stops to ensure they had a wonderful time.

It began as soon as the boys landed in Riyadh. They were safely guarded the whole time and had over dozens of cars waiting for them surrounding the exit door so they could be safely transported from the airport to their hotel.

The number of cars and officials present at the airport gave many residents the feeling that a prince or a king had arrived in Riyadh, to their shock it was BTS. Fans also kept their distance, there was no shoving or overcrowding at the airport, ARMY respected the boys’ personal space.

It’s also been reported that BTS will stay at the Ritz Carlton hotel which is considered the biggest most luxurious hotel in Saudi Arabia, some of the royal family members stay there as well. Don’t worry, its safely guarded and not easy to get to if you have no reservation to stay there or business to do there.

We’re less than 24 hours away from the concert, what do you think of BTS choice to do a concert there and will you be watching?


  1. Saudis Arabia is becoming and copying European countries because they are habitual of a luxurious life and this luxury will no longer available after depletion of oil reserves so they are dying to keep it continue thereafter and for this purpose they are ready to transform themselves into non muslims Christian

    • Your comments full of hate and racism, we are Muslims before you know Islam, and we are normally living people, if we have a chance to live in prosperity we would embrace it and thanks to our land and our state, not to your twisted idiology and envy.

  2. @Mohammad Zakir Since you are not Saudi, please don’t predict the future for Saudi Arabia! The whole country is opening up to welcoming all people since there much and many beautiful places, history background, customs and traditions, and/or cuisines to offer and share with the world.
    Saudi Arabia IS, and will always be, a Muslim country that presents generosity in its highest levels for which its people were known for even before this “oil” was discovered. So despite whoever is visiting, there are certain levels of modesty, respect and understanding of the culture to maintain << and I believe this is common sense everywhere!!
    Hope to see everyone here and welcome you all to Saudi Arabia!

  3. I think Saudi Arabia is taking an. impressive effort to welcome the boys and it should be appreciated. The comments of some concerned armys must have offended a lot of kpop fans and I think that they deserve the chance to have a concert as well.


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