Famous LA Promoter Claims SuperM Will Be The Next BTS And The New Kpop Main Player In The West

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Famous Promoter Kevin Morrow has recently given an interview and his opinions are gaining buzz!

Kevin Morrow is the CEO of Steel Wood Entertainment, a multi-faceted entertainment company based in Los Angeles. It is known for being the agency of Amber Liu, the f(x) member who recently left SM Entertainment to sign an exclusive contract with their company.

In his interview, he says,

“SuperM will gain attention as the representatives of Kpop who will be as popular as BTS. I think SuperM will be the main player who will continue the explosive popularity of K-POP in the global market.”

He also noted that they have all the keys to success,

“You can only know what you see when it comes to the world. We must watch how much public empathy they draw. SuperM is a team made up of great stars and SM is a company that knows how to market them. They have all keys to the puzzle of success.”

He also adds that he knows how hard it is to come on top but thinks SuperM holds capabilities that’ll help them shoot to the top,

“It’s hard to get world-class teams like BTS, Beatles and the Rolling Stones but SuperM has the skills & tools to achieve that.”

Comparisons to BTS are not easy, many ARMY reacted negatively to what Kevin Morrow said, many saying that SuperM should work hard and try their best not to compare themselves to others, other ARMY had a more direct response saying that BTS level is very difficult to reach and something that no one has come close to, here are some of their comments,

“Sorry but there is no NEXT BTS.”

“As a fan of all of them. Can we stop comparing them.”

“SuperM is SuperM BTS is BTS.”

“This was unnecessary , each group is their own group. No need to compare one another. Superm is Superm and bts is bts. That’s it.”

SuperM will debut today on October 4 at 6 PM KST with their first mini album “SuperM.”

What do you think of what he said? Do you think its necessary to compare both groups?

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My Personal Thoughts

I don’t mind comparisons to a certain extent, but can we please stop trying to say A or B will be the next BTS?

This is coming from someone who is not an ARMY, but even I know that BTS level of success is very difficult to come by. While some ARMY will rationalize that with emotional memories, I look at data and progress; this is how I’ve come to this conclusion.

SuperM, to me, feels like a quick cash-grap, a group SM create to monetize on the increasing popularity and interest of the west in Kpop, it feels extremely sudden and forced.

Average Americans (not talking Kpop fans) won’t be drawn to something that just came up like this, Kpop fans might be drawn because they’re already in the realm but if you want to draw in the average Joe this is a poor method.

There are many groups who are just as talented as BTS or even better and some who have even more resources than them but still they weren’t able to generate the same results, why?

There are even fans of individual SuperM members who aren’t pleased with SM plans thus far, some of fandoms of idols in that group aren’t even happy with this project to begin with, how do you expect them to be able to rival BTS or be the next BTS when the fandom is conflicted on the idea of SuperM?

If this guy knows a thing or two about Kpop, this wouldn’t have come out of his mouth. As someone who works in marketing and a Kpop fan, it puzzles me when people try to compare BTS to other groups, especially those who know Kpop.

BTS took a while to reach this level of success in America and it took years of hard work, is SM willing to set aside EXO, SHINee and NCT in order to focus fully on advancing SuperM into America? I hope they don’t expect them to explode with one track because BTS worked for years to reach better results with each try, its not like they got a song in the HOT 100 top 10 just suddenly…

By Kevin Miller

My name is Kevin Miller and I am responsible for writing Kpop content on Jazminemedia.com~ I have been a fan of Kpop since 2014 and I am a multi-stan


  1. omg..did he even see thr results today..it is so sad…I mean their company aggressively call them avenger of kpop..but their korean chart drop like a tear drop..SM also classesm this group created to conquer US but at this moment nothing special happend..
    I must say that their song just mediocre nothing special just the combination of exo and nct..at thiz moment I’m so srry t
    for taemin

  2. I think SM and other companies, because they are not the only ones, should stop forcing their artists into the western media and let their actual talents speak for themself. I know a lot of people want to make it big here in America but it will not be easy and take time. You first need to build that strong stable fan base that will help you and then work your butt off to show people your shine. I actually enjoy SuperM’s song, but all companies need to know that success doesn’t happen over night. I believe that there could be another kpop group to make it big in western media like BTS but it might take time or a few years. I feel like as fans that we should be happy that kpop is becoming known here. Instead of people comparing other kpop groups (even though this will never end. I mean they get compared to American artists as well) we should show people that Kpop is just as an amazing genre of music and shouldn’t be looked down upon just because it’s not “English”.

  3. BTS is BTS ok get that in your head. You cant compare them to anyone, no one is or can or will be BTS get that and dont worry BTS will last longer than suprem 🙂

  4. SuperM has big 3 privilege and the members have an advantage taht they have previous groups that were popular which was nothing like BTS. BTS came from a very small company and I highly doubt that SuperM will get the attention BTS did because BTS isn’t just about the music, it’s about the fans and the group aswell. SuperM are robots and we want heartfelt and genuine music.

    1. They didn’t even beat BTS in youtube view..
      Seriously it really took BTS yearssssss to be known in US… if they can achieve what BTS achieve in just one album.. then i’m asking you why can’t they achieve it before? What make it difference? Because they were the best of SM? Then what make the rest artist in SM? This is just for me but SM look very desperate.. For me i think all they need to do is just make their astist a come back more instead of taking some of the member and make a new group. And i’m still wondering why anything about kpop must be related with BTS? Especially when some artist beat BTS in some record. I think they can just say that SuperM will be big in US no need to compare it with BTS.. and i realise that most company now just focus on popularity.. that’s why kpop songs nowadays don’t have a deeper meanings unlike the kpop song in 2nd generation..

  5. Like suga said”there won’t be next BTS ” BTS will always be BTS and superm will be superm . BTS have their own way to shine… they live in armies heart and armies live in their hearts…no one can take place of BTS…. superm can create their own way to achieve success.. but they will always be superm even if they achieve billibords the name will be superm not BTS…no one can become BTS.. atleast for me no one can take their place

  6. Can not compare SuperM to BTS. Please stop that. SuperM, has talented members, without question, but they have their own bands. EXO has been around longer then BTS and could not reach BTS level. BTS worked hard, are in sync in their difficult choreography. SuperM, very good, but is not in sync and the difficulty level is just not there. Maybe in a few years with hard work, they can get big. They will not be at BTS level. This producer of SuperM was looking for a cash crop from the USA. K-pop sees $$$ signs in America because they see the success of BTS in the USA. BUT BTS did not see immediate success from America. They grew and climbed the ladder of success. Their official music cideos, their practice videos, their shows on youtube, their vlives, and their WEVERSE is so much more. Their hard work and not giving up tonreach their goals. They reach out to ARMY all the time. They communicate with ARMY almost daily and have been for years. Their global fanbase didnt happen in one debut. SuperM thought by having all 7 of these hand picked idols with individual fan bases, thatvtheybwould be in the top 100 on Spotify. America is not concinced with Kpop yet. Just because BTS sells out stadiums, does not mean SuperM will yet. They may never sell out stadiums only time will tell. Give them a few years. The airport action is not that insane either.
    Where are all their fans at the airports? Have you seen what hysteria is at the airport when BTS is leaving S.Korea or when they land in the USA and when they arrice back into S. Korea? SuperM is safe walking in the airports even with all their fans theybhave from their original bands.
    SuperM will have one guy going into military service next year, and then another one from 93 the next year.

  7. BTS is BTS. do not compare other bands to BTS. Those are VERY BIG shoes to fill, and SuperM may fall flat because of that. Kpop believes AMerica is the land of successful bands. Yes, we are. Bands that come to the USA from other countries that have hit it big in the past….Beatles, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, ABBA, Def Leppard, U2, Queen, Elton John, Genesis, George Michael, Ozzy Osbourne, and so many more. What they did that SuperM hasnt done yet? Work their butts off in the USA. Did they do the TV show appearances. Radio interviews. Magazine articles. Twitter feeds. work. work. work. There is a kpop fan base here, but those fans have their favs. SuperM will have to prove themselves and build their American fan base, and it wont be done with a few concerts in a month with one mini album. BTS ARMY are loyal to their 7 guys. Don’t expect ARMY to like SuperM or advertise SuperM. Where are the dance practice videos? Where are the daily selfies going viral on twitter? America speaks english, not Korean. There is a language barrier. I could get them across the USA to climb the charts and polls. It will be full time work to get them at an acceptable level of fame in the states. Have them hire me. I can direct their media staff in the USA. Try me for one year. I know what sells here.

  8. He is overlooking that fact that BTS’s success was organic. They and their music are genuine and sincere. This superM grouped is being forced. I listened to the whole album, didn’t like one song. If SM Entertainment wanted success in America they would have been better off promoting Exo. Exo already had a solid fan base and the reputation of having good music. SuperM’s concept ( the Avengers of Kpop) is so corny. I suspect some fans will like this but overall with be a major flop. It’s actually pretty embarrassing to me as a kpop fan.

  9. Why are we forcing the use of the next BTS when BTS itself is still here? This situation is just like when American media was trying to push the idea of “the next Justin Bieber” anytime a male singer came but no one could reach his level, or when Ariana Grande was called the next Mariah Carey and she managed to create her own image. SuperM failed because it’s a forced manufactured group and their debut song is truly nothing unique. If superM honestly worked on their own music, created a unique concept and made a genuine bond with fans it would have worked well. Lee Sooman should have listened when fans of exo, nct and shinee were against this idea. BTS had organic growth through years of hard work and building a genuinely strong connection with their fan base which makes their fans so loyal. BTS wasn’t trying to break into US, things just happened to them because of their dilligence.

  10. Honestly SM should have just focused on his girl groups instead, especially red velvet. RV is barely getting any promotion yet they managed to become the only girl group with two #1s on itunes charts, their albums and peekaboo sold 100k+ units in the US and bad boy sold 500k+ units and became eligible for GOLD. Red velvet is succeeding in US without any promo there, they don’t even get enough promo in Korea yet are topping brand reputation charts. There are already a lot of boygroups or male artists there but not enough girl groups and most female pop icons like Katy Perry, Taylor swift are just not having the same success. Even fifth harmony broke up and little mix couldn’t break in US yet. Blackpink had success there, now imagine the impact of rv debuted with an action film themed mv with an actually good vocal song. Their close to me collaboration with ellie goulding is enough prove to show they can succeed in English music market.

  11. Yes it’s disappointing. The title track of SuperM doesn’t even sound good like some of the songs of EXO. SM should get opinions from the fans before doing such thing, when this project was announced, most of the fans were mad. The members of SuperM are surely the most or Top 3 famous member in their respective group but when they get together in a group it just doesn’t feel right. SuperM should be a collaboration instead of a new K-pop group. The music video is great but not the song, SM focused on the wrong thing.

  12. Please stop saying SuperM is next BTS
    I respect SuperM but don’t say SuperM is next BTS
    SuperM is SuperM and BTS is BTS
    U can make them popular as much as you want
    But BTS they are really special I wish all the best to SuperM to reach the level where the BTS is right now…
    BTS don’t worry they may reach your level where you are right now but they can’t take space of you insde our heart ❤ we love you forever❤ #fighting
    And all the best to SuperM

  13. SM entertainment has been in the bizz for like a decade seemingly. Like they say, ” Experience beats the inexperience.” FACT. That company has the most muilti talented singers, rappers, and dancers. With that being said, it means majority (literally ALL) of all the idols possess the skills and knowledge of every bit of everything. SM entertainment is the main TOP music company level of success in S. Korea and well known to properly train their idols to top notch. I do agree that the company does SOMETIMES and MOSTLY treat them as a product, but thats majority of how the music industry is like especially in the U.S.
    We know BTS will be BTS and SuperM will be SuperM. Got it??? OK. Cool. I do respect BTS’s music and success. Although I dont listen to their music much, I get where they are coming at.
    Just because SuperM is thrown together like this is chaos doesnt mean they wont be a success in the U.S. Give them a damn chance and STOP sh+ting on them… They all got the “bits of everything” tool skills. Only time will tell if they will be a great success in their own way or not.
    SuperM’s name meaning makes a powerful ideal of sense. We know the members have their other groups as well and this group “SuperM” is the icon of KPOP which also is telling everyone that its a group of members with muilti talent from dancing, rapping and singing. They can DO it all. EACH and EVERYONE one of THEM…
    We already know BTS has more views for that popularity on youtube. Dont ghatta keep reminding…Only reason Sm Ent. isnt getting the views like that is because they were more focused in marketing in China, Japan, Thailand and S. Korea obviously ( The Asian countries), otherwise, it would be different today.
    BTS has their own talents, but ALOT of people dont know and realize the amazing variety talents of SuperM members respectively…
    Since BTS opened the doors, it was that time for Sm Ent.to acknowledge and assemble the most talented and good looking members in groups of all time to be as ONE called “SuperM.” Its corny to sorta have it like “The Avengers”, but it really does makes sense for music as well.
    I watched the MV for SuperM’s Jopping when it came out and it was LIFE. Its THAT fken GOOD and genius really. Visuals, dancing and vocals were GOD-like. It already is a success with SuperM. Please dont HATE and just learn to APPRECIATE.

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