Celebrity Close To Sulli Revealed She Cried Out For Help Last Year Through Her Private Account


It seems Sulli has expressed that she was going through a difficult time prior to her death.

Entertainer Hong Seok Cheon, who’s also a close friend to Sulli, appeared on October 21 broadcast of Channel A’s “Rumor Has It.” During the show, he shocked fans with what he said. He revealed that Sulli expressed that she was going through a difficult time through her private instagram account about a year ago,

“Many celebrities, especially, idols, have social media accounts but also have a private account. Just up until last year, Sulli uploaded many posts to her friends expressing that she was having a hard time.

People around her worried about her and tried to protect her; they encouraged her with positive words. Recently, she was doing better and seemed brighter.”

People around continued believing that Sulli had gotten better, they also saw that she returned to more activities and began posting more bright photos to her account, he added,

“We also had dinners after ‘Night Of Hate Comments’ and we talked a lot. Sulli received many advices from her seniors and a lot people thought that it was great she would talk about negative comments and revealed her thoughts.

Many people thought she had gotten better. We thought that Sulli was learning to ignore the hateful comments. That’s how many of us thought, so when I heard of her passing, I couldn’t film anymore after.”

You can check out the clip where he talks about this below, what do you think of what he said?

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  1. Have you posted the article about the priest that Sulli reached out to (last year) yet? It was deeply saddening that she actively seeked help but it turned out to not be enough.


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