Firefighter Who Leaked Classified Information About Sulli’s Death Turns Himself In

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Sulli’s privacy was violated even after death and fans are furious!

Shortly after the press learned of Sulli’s passing, classified information including the time and location of her death were leaked to social media. Back then, investigations traced the leak back into a firefighter who is said to have taken a photo of the reports and sent it to his colleague. The colleague then spread the photos to other firefighters through a group chat and it quickly and uncontrollably spread through social media.

Back then, the fire department confirmed that the leak happened from someone within their team. The firefighter who had initially taken the photo was identified but the one who spread it on social media remains to be identified.

The Seongnam Fire Department had sent a warning to all of their firefighters; they demanded the one responsible for the leak to turn themselves in. The department warned that if nobody turns himself in they’ll notify the police and launch a full investigation into the matter, and the strictest legal action will be taken against them.

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After the firefighter who initially spread the photos turned himself in, The Gyeonggi Fire And Disaster Headquarters held a press conference and apologized for the leak. They revealed that they had attempted to do everything in their power to prevent the report from spreading; however, it continued to spread uncontrollably and was dubbed the ‘Sulli death report.’ It even became one of the most searched keywords on various search engines.

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They also clarified that they had asked various portal sites to take down such documents and promised to better train their firefighters to prevent such shameful event from happening again.

Netizens heavily criticized the firefighter for his insensitive immoral action; many are asking SM to take strict legal action against the leak and the firefighters who contributed to it.

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  1. I think the people who shared the report have equal culpability as the firefighter. No sharing equates to no news. All are to blame. Respect is the keyword here.

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