Billie Eilish Reactions To Her Fans Rejecting A Possible BTS Collab Will Make You Love Her Even More


Billie Eilish will not stand for her fans being mean towards BTS!

BTS have made it clear that they’re huge Billie Eilish fans, Jungkook particularly named her as one of his favorite American artists; he even posted the viral “Bad Guy” video on twitter in which he lip syncs to her hit song, the video has over 24 million views as of this writing.

Billie Eilish recently performed at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, and she participated in an “All Things Considered” segment for National Public Radio. During that segment, she interacted with fans and asked them who she should collaborate with.

One fans shouted, ‘BTS.’ However, others in the crowd were not happy with that option, Billie Eilish asked,

“Should I?”

To which many fans started cheering on with ‘no.’

Billie Eilish was slightly taken back by the mixed responses, she replied,

“Stop! Oh my God, that’s so mean.

Imma listen to them. They’re very nice. They’ve said some very nice things about me.”

ARMY are happy to see Billie Eilish stand up for BTS and clap back at those who shouted ‘No,’ during that segment. Many fans still wish to see BTS collaborate with Billie Eilish one day.

You can check out the video below:

Would you like to see Billie Eilish and BTS collab one day?


  1. I don’t watch boy bands and ARMY are overwhelmingly petulant and petty but big ups to Billie for this. Sidebar, I live in the States but the first time I heard Bad Guy was on a Korean variety show, whereupon I Shazam’d it—it was probably Knowing Brothers, maybe Idol Room.


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