AOA Seolhyun is making headlines in South Korea for her acting in JTBC’s “My Country.”

While many netizens were initially against AOA Seolhyun casting in “My Country,” many changed their minds upon watching the drama.

A recent trending article on Naver has many positive reactions, the article discusses a particular scene from episode 6 of “My Country,” and people in the comment section were praising AOA Seolhyun, here is a translation of some of the top voted comments:

“Seolhyun acting is fine, please watch without prejudice…”

“Seolhyun is way better than I had thought; she also suits her character well.”

“Seolhyun you’re good at acting, only people who haven’t watched you are saying bad things about you.”

“To be honest, I don’t like it when a singer takes on the lead role but Seolhyun is still better than I thought she would be.”

“Honestly, this is really fun.”

Seolhyun is not only receiving praise in this particular article but many other articles as well throughout the past weeks since “My Country” began airing.

Have you seen  “My Country” yet? What did you think of Seolhyun acting?