Why Fans Became Emotional Seeing This Photo Of Heechul And A Former Popular Super Junior Member


There was a mini reunion between Heechul and a former Super Junior Member and fans couldn’t contain their emotions!

On September 8, Heechul posted a photo and a video with former Super Junior member Kim Ki Bum. He captioned,

“Long time no see, Kim Ki Bum.”

In the caption hashtags he wrote a couple of old nicknames Kim Ki Bum had when he was a part of the group like ‘Yangban Kim.’

In the video, he introduces them both and talks about how old they’ve gotten reminiscing about the good old days, ‘its been a long time, let’s be healthy.’

The reason for their reunion is nothing shorter of sweet. Kim Ki Bum is set to make a guest appearance on KBS2’s “Some-Vival 1+1” where Heechul is a co-host. Its been a while since fans saw Kim Ki Bum on the screen and they’re happy to see him reunite with one of his former group members.

Kim Ki Bum debuted as a part of Super Junior in 2005 and parted ways with SM Entertainment and left Super Junior in 2015.


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Did you miss Kim Ki Bum?


  1. He had some problems with SM(the agency that manages SJ) and when his contract expires he didn’t renew it. Same goes for Hanging(another SJ member) and and Kris,Luhan and Tao from EXO.
    As you can see, SM is a bitch


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