Why Fans Became Emotional Seeing This Photo Of Heechul And A Former Popular Super Junior Member

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There was a mini reunion between Heechul and a former Super Junior Member and fans couldn’t contain their emotions!

On September 8, Heechul posted a photo and a video with former Super Junior member Kim Ki Bum. He captioned,

“Long time no see, Kim Ki Bum.”

In the caption hashtags he wrote a couple of old nicknames Kim Ki Bum had when he was a part of the group like ‘Yangban Kim.’

In the video, he introduces them both and talks about how old they’ve gotten reminiscing about the good old days, ‘its been a long time, let’s be healthy.’

The reason for their reunion is nothing shorter of sweet. Kim Ki Bum is set to make a guest appearance on KBS2’s “Some-Vival 1+1” where Heechul is a co-host. Its been a while since fans saw Kim Ki Bum on the screen and they’re happy to see him reunite with one of his former group members.

Kim Ki Bum debuted as a part of Super Junior in 2005 and parted ways with SM Entertainment and left Super Junior in 2015.


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Did you miss Kim Ki Bum?

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