f(x) Luna seems to be happy after leaving SM Entertainment!

Luna has recently held a live Instagram broadcast; she interacted with fans and answered their questions in both Korean and English. One fan wrote this comment,

“Congratulations for getting out of SM.”

Luckily for that fan, she read the comment out loud and responded with the cutest laugh and smile, she said, “Thank you very much.” She and her friend who also joined the broadcast described leaving SM leaves a ‘fresh feeling that leaves one happy,’ she also said that she feels ‘free.’

Fans, in turn, have been sharing the video and talking about how happy she looks. They’re glad that she feels free after finally leaving SM.

Luna, Victoria and Amber have all left SM after their contracts expired. Krystal on the other hand, still has time left on her contract.

Check out the video:

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What do you think of her reply?


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