Sulli Suffers Accidental Nip Slip During Live Video, Says She Doesn’t Understand The Backlash


Sulli is getting backlash again!

Singer-actress Sulli has recently greeted fans with a live broadcast session.

On September 28, Sulli turned on instagram live and showed her fans how she gets her hair and makeup done. She was wearing a robe that was already partially loose and it ended up exposing part of her breasts for everyone to see.

Everyone who saw the broadcast must’ve seen that. Sulli has been seen out and about without wearing a bra and she talked on TV about how she thinks bras are merely accessories and that women have the right to not wear them if they want to.

However, netizens are not impressed with her recent live and many left harsh comments, she responded to those comments simply stating that she doesn’t understand what went wrong,

“This is my personal freedom.”

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UPDATE: SM Entertainment Confirms Sulli Has Passed Away

The video has since been deleted.

What do you think of this?


  1. she’s right wtf. ur not upset abot men showing their nipples on accident. once again: on ACCIDENT. it’s not like she stripped or sth. and yeah a bra is not a must

    • It is comments like yours that ended the women’s life. What is your business, is it your nipples? It was an accident for crying out loud so keep your stupid opinions to yourself you idoitic bully

    • That’s a bitchy comment, stop talking shit like that. As a woman i understand her, if man can dance shirtless u will never say it disgraceful but let a woman do it, she will be attacked on social media. That’s not fair and she didn’t do it on purpose it slipped. You all who want to leave negative comments keep it to yourself. I have the right to do what i want just like men.

    • Of course it’s her personal freedom whether she wanted to wear a bra or not. It’s just like a girl going to bed with or without a bra on. Or a guy just walking around the house with just boxers or briefs on. She has her own right to how she wants to dress like. And the nip slip was an accident. It’s not something that’s planned. It’s like you walking down the street then suddenly tripped over soemthing. Or you driving along the road then suddenly an animal runs across in front of you and you start to panic. Accidents happens. And people like you who calls others stupid for their unintentional actions literally are the stupid ones. You think just because you hide behind a screen you’re all big and bad and you can say whatever you want. You’re nothing but another coward who has no life but to commit on other’s life and actions because yours is no better.

      • Yeah and your mom should have just swallowed you!!!!!!

        Now imagine getting hateful comments like that all the time, you know that it would get to you and a person can only take so much. So the next time you want to be a bully and say ignorant things just remember what it feels like to be on the other side of that. And just to be clear I said what I said to prove a point cuz I would never lower myself to your standards honey..

    • I’m late to this but… Are you actually serious?! It WA a damn ACCIDENT… GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!HELL LET ME SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU! A.C.C.I.D.E.N.T! We women don’t critizise when you men don’t wear shirts or wear baggy pants that hang low and almost show everything and that you expose your upper half so who do you think you are to tell us women whether we can wear bra’s or not? It’s our decision and she had every right to do what she did because it’s her body and it was her choice not yours… People like you who think you can do what you did in that comment seriously upset me

    • Really? Fact is they are sexualized by at least most men. Also many females know this, so use it to their advantage. Not sure about Sulli, but a lot of females ‘accidentally’, or let’s say, make nip slips look like an accident, because they know there will be quite the attention about it… What seems odd in the case is she seemed quite free about her body, not ashamed of it, so doubt the suicide is about all that. Question more if its murder….

      • She feels free because it’s her body. But even a mistake can make us feel awkward and we try to fix that. Cyber bullying can cause suicides, but we can’t be certain about why she did it. We can only pray for her soul and stop the backlash. She deserves a honourable goodbye from her fans. RIP to a beautiful Angel.


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