Sulli is getting backlash again!

Singer-actress Sulli has recently greeted fans with a live broadcast session.

On September 28, Sulli turned on instagram live and showed her fans how she gets her hair and makeup done. She was wearing a robe that was already partially loose and it ended up exposing part of her breasts for everyone to see.

Everyone who saw the broadcast must’ve seen that. Sulli has been seen out and about without wearing a bra and she talked on TV about how she thinks bras are merely accessories and that women have the right to not wear them if they want to.

However, netizens are not impressed with her recent live and many left harsh comments, she responded to those comments simply stating that she doesn’t understand what went wrong,

“This is my personal freedom.”

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UPDATE: SM Entertainment Confirms Sulli Has Passed Away

The video has since been deleted.

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