GOT7 fans are worried about Jackson safety for very good reasons!

Recently a video of GOT7 Jackson confronting a sasaeng spread online, when fans translated the conversation between them, others got seriously upset and worried.

GOT7 Jackson can be seen confronting a sasaeng who is believed to have leaked his home address in Hong Kong. You can obviously see how distressed and upset Jackson looks as he confronts the female sasaeng, he asks her, ‘was it you who posted my address?’ the girl with a low voice says ‘No.’

Here is the video:

GOT7 fans are upset for multitude of reasons. Jackson was asking her in Mandarin so it’s believed that she’s Chinese. He recently received a lot of hate for standing by the One China policy against the protests that are going in his birth place Hong Kong.

Hong Kong people were less than pleased to learn of his One China policy stance and called him a traitor. It is even believed that some threatened violence which was why the fandom trended a hashtag demanding JYP delays the group concerts in Hong Kong. JYP later announced the concerts have been delayed until further notice.

This comes as a no-brainer that it’s a terrible idea to post Jackson’s home address in Hong Kong with the ongoing tense situation. As you’d expect, iGOT7s are worried about his safety, urging JYP to do something to punish the sasaeng who publicized his home address.

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