How Jackson Enraged His Own People Of Hong Kong And Why It Became A Safety Issue For GOT7


As you many of you who watch the news already know, Hong Kong is currently fighting for revoking the extradition bill, protests have turned violent with many videos reporting on how police are combating peaceful protestors.

Amid all of this, GOT7 had scheduled two concerts in Hong Kong; of course, they had announced the news a while ago when things weren’t as scary as they are now.

Hong Kong people are pretty upset with GOT7 Jackson following a post he made to his Weibo account that set a lot of triggered people to write mean comments as go as far as threatening harm towards him and his members.

In his recent post, he announced that he stands by ‘One China’ policy meaning he’s against the protests that are going on right now in his birthplace. He also says he’s a guardian of the Chinese flag which is the opposite of what his people want. For your information, Jackson was born in Hong Kong, not China.

To understand why Hong Kong people aren’t happy with this statement you gotta understand the history between Hong Kong and China and why protests started to begin with (please google this information). Many people feel that Jackson betrayed his birthplace with his stance for the sake of money and Chinese fame (China is a huge market).

As a result, many began talking badly about him, some even sharing flight information of GOT7, others even talked about tearing the Chinese flag in front of him. Due to the escalating situation, international GOT7 fans fear for their lives and as a result, they’re asking JYP to cancel the group’s upcoming concerts in Hong Kong.

Many trended the hashtags:  #JYPCANCELHKCONCERT and #JYPE홍콩콘서트취 Fans hope to get JYP’s attention using the Korean language as well.

Fans tweets are filled with messages of concern, they’re asking JYP to prioritise GOT7’s well-being and cancel the concerts.

JYP has not issued a statement so far. It is unknown if the concerts will carry on as scheduled.

What do you think of this?


    • The thing is these “opinions” have drastic effects to the 7 million people in Hong Kong. Please read up on what’s happening in Hong Kong before you go on about opinions. These are human rights issues for those people even though they may just seem like opinions to you.

      • If i am a citizen of HK I’d be triggered super hard but I won’t go on offensive side but I’d definitely say that he’s doing this for money and fame cause going against Chinese govt is literal death to his career and that’s what i think. JYPE should really consider cancelling their HK concert. I just hope everything turns out well for jackson,GOT7 and for HK.

    • They postponed the concert and Jackson has shown respect to China but not disrespected Hong Kong. It’s difficult to take a stand against the Chinese government when your parents are Chinese. We all know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of the Chinese government’s wrath. Let’s not pretend it is easy to take a stand. The people of Hong Kong are suffering enough without us prioritizing celebrity sns over the actual physical suffering of the rebels.

  1. I don’t agree with Wang’s decision. I don’t support the One China rule because I think there is a lot of human right issues tangled with this. But I want everyone to be safe. I do respect Wang as an artist and as a fan of GOT7 myself. However if they cancel their tour in Hong Kong, won’t that affect their public image there as well?

    • Well I think their safety is more important than their reputation.
      I don’t agree with his decision as well, but his decision of sanding by one China rulers or policy is his rights as a human, too.

    • So bad that some peoples who already live on freedom and so scared that their freedom Will be taking away, but as a very big Nation i really respect China government who need to think so much widely about how to control all their citizen, freedom is eventually not the answer, regulations is so much need it, not like others small country, they need to be thought in order to keep everyone safe, I truly understand thats, the journey to be very big and strong country as now they are is not easy, everyone should respect that,

  2. As a Got7 fan, I am deep disheartened that Jackson is supporting the Chinese propaganda machine especially when he has the luxury to enjoy the freedoms that his fellow Hong Kong citizens are fighting so hard to keep. He is young and I am hoping his stance will change and mature. I think JYP should definitely cancel the concert for Jackson’s safety. Whether we agree with his decision, I absolutely think his safety comes first.

    • Listen, Hong Kong is a part of China, even the people of Hong Kong know that. Separation from China is not what is primarily being protested over. Jackson can be proud to call China his country, that’s cool, he could even post the flag, sure it’s his right. But did he REALLY have to publicly add fuel to the fire by posting the flag of China during THIS delicate time? I mean, 你不说话没人当你是哑巴. He made an extremely political statement, so directly/indirectly he is supporting the Chinese government (and by extension its corruption and police brutality) – no wonder the people of Hong Kong feel hurt. I still have love for GOT7, and I’m still going to support Jackson because I don’t think he had malicious intent, but yea it really did read like he did that to earn Mainland money and a part of me is disappointed.

  3. Don’t go! This is not only about Jackson and the group…it is about the safety of their road crew, backstage crew, dancers, security. What about the fans? What about the young children that will be there. Obviously, the Grande concert has been quickly forgotten.

    If they go forward, it will look as if JYP AND Got7 are all about profit and could care less about the security threat. I know that isn’t the case but if they go through with this and someone gets hurt (God Forbid)…their public image could potentially be destroyed.

  4. I’m not going to get into the Hong Kong vs China thing because I’m not Chinese and I don’t have the right to be displaying my opinion when it doesn’t apply to my life. However, regardless over the fact that Jackson is right or wrong, people should not be threatened over an opinion. Saying you want to harm someone over their opinion and disloyalty isn’t right. Please cancel these concerts if it means they will have safety! I think their reputation in Hong Kong isn’t going to matter if they are severally injured or…dead.

  5. People don’t realize that if these people that are from HK or China are most likely FORCED to post that they support the ‘One China’ policy. If they don’t their family is probably going to be in danger. Have you thought about that? You think someone as kind hearted as Jackson would support China willingly?? I don’t. But threatening his family is too much. Jackson loves his fans but he also loves his family.


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