As you many of you who watch the news already know, Hong Kong is currently fighting for revoking the extradition bill, protests have turned violent with many videos reporting on how police are combating peaceful protestors.

Amid all of this, GOT7 had scheduled two concerts in Hong Kong; of course, they had announced the news a while ago when things weren’t as scary as they are now.

Hong Kong people are pretty upset with GOT7 Jackson following a post he made to his Weibo account that set a lot of triggered people to write mean comments as go as far as threatening harm towards him and his members.

In his recent post, he announced that he stands by ‘One China’ policy meaning he’s against the protests that are going on right now in his birthplace. He also says he’s a guardian of the Chinese flag which is the opposite of what his people want. For your information, Jackson was born in Hong Kong, not China.

To understand why Hong Kong people aren’t happy with this statement you gotta understand the history between Hong Kong and China and why protests started to begin with (please google this information). Many people feel that Jackson betrayed his birthplace with his stance for the sake of money and Chinese fame (China is a huge market).

As a result, many began talking badly about him, some even sharing flight information of GOT7, others even talked about tearing the Chinese flag in front of him. Due to the escalating situation, international GOT7 fans fear for their lives and as a result, they’re asking JYP to cancel the group’s upcoming concerts in Hong Kong.

Many trended the hashtags:  #JYPCANCELHKCONCERT and #JYPE홍콩콘서트취 Fans hope to get JYP’s attention using the Korean language as well.

Fans tweets are filled with messages of concern, they’re asking JYP to prioritise GOT7’s well-being and cancel the concerts.

JYP has not issued a statement so far. It is unknown if the concerts will carry on as scheduled.

What do you think of this?