Popular Japanese Idol Living In South Korea Is Renouncing His Nationality To Become A Korean Citizen


Popular Japanese Idol Kangnam is preparing to become a Korean citizen!

It’s been revealed that the idol has made the decision to renounce his Japanese citizenship, he’s currently in the process of becoming naturalized in Korea, he has been preparing for that since late last year.

A source from his agency told news outlets that the report is true and that he’ll be submitting his request this month. They also added that the process takes about a year.

Kangnam is born to a Japanese father and a Korean mother. He’s been working in South Korea for a while and has established his career there. He is well known for his variety shows, he’s also been dapping into various music genres such as hip hop, trot and more.

It’s also been a while since he’s confirmed that he’s dating speed skater Lee Sang Hwa.

What do you think of his decision to do so?



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