Lee Jong Suk and Nara are reportedly dating!

On August 1st, Newsis released an exclusive report; they revealed that they are dating each other.

Its being reported that Lee Jong Suk met her initially back when she was still a member of Hello Venus and had helped her sign to his own label that he established back in 2018.

And it was also previously revealed that Nara signed an exclusive contract with A Man Project, Lee Jong Suk’s agency.

An insider told Newsis that Lee Jong Suk took care of all Nara’s schedules as the head of the label, adding,

“After her contract with Fantagio expired, he spent a lot of time on her career.”

The two were also reportedly spotted on dates and it’s been said that she is Lee Jong Suk’s ideal type. He became interested in her and she received many presents from him and became known as Lee Jong Suk’s girl.

Lee Jong Suk is currently serving the military, he started in March, but it’s been reported that Nara meets up with him and visits him frequently.

The report didn’t elaborate on how long they’ve been dating each other.

So far, Lee Jong Suk’s agency has not issued an official response.

Stay tuned for updates!