Former Idol Contestant From Popular Survival Show Comes Out As Bisexual

Former idol contestant from the show “Idol School” has come out as bisexual and fans are sending her support.

The singer name is Som Hyein. It was revealed through a Q&A, she confirmed she was indeed bisexual and answered more questions about her girlfriend and how much she loves her. She also told fans about her girlfriend name, its Eunbin.

She also shared a photo of them together on Instagram.


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chu chu My girlfriend

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Som Hyein didn’t spend a long time on the show, she left due to health issues and was also accused of being a bully back in Middle School. The agency initially denied it but later she did admit to some of it and apologize. Fans truly hope this is now a part of her past and that she has moved on and learned from it.

Not too long ago, she debuted with a single called “Mini Radio.”

Idols or celebrities in South Korea rarely come out, there is still a stigma behind the LGBT community and they still face resistant. It is unknown just how far this might affect her career.

Here are some of the questions she answered in her stories:

What do you think of her decision to come out?

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