Bodyguard Exposes Popular Idol Group Terrible Attitude And Respect Issues, Post Goes Viral

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One bodyguard lengthy instagram post heavily criticizing a male idol group and its company staff terrible attitude has gained immense attention online.

Back in November of 2018, Bodyguard A wrote a lengthy post to instagram, he says,

“I was extremely disappointed as the supervisor of the security operations during this 3-day Bangkok concert. I understand that you’re famous, but the attitude and manners of their staff members were dirt level.”

‘A’ continues to say that everyone including the staff were treated like slaves, he says, ‘I never experienced such awful treatment in my life.’ He says he was treated like that even though he wasn’t even hired by that group company but the management of the event itself.

‘A’ compared this popular group to other idol groups he had worked with in the past, he says that they were well-mannered and had a nice attitude but the people he had to deal with during the 3-day Bangkok concert were of another kind. He added,

“We’re all here working hard the same, we should be encouraging each other and showing one another basic respect… this is the worst entertainment company I had ever come across. Popularity doesn’t determine your level or status. You need to be humble.

If you keep up with this attitude and the word gets out that your attitude is trash, you won’t survive for long.”

The post went viral on August 28, netizens spread the post on various online communities sharing their thoughts on who the identity of the popular idol group is.

Almost all idols show a clean image and often labeled ‘well-mannered,’ fans are curious about the identity of the popular idol group who mistreated the staff and the bodyguard who were only there to work hard.

The concert he was referring to is called ‘HEC KOREA,’ it was held back in November of 2018. The boy groups who attended that event in Thailand are: TEEN TOP, MONSTA X, PENTAGON, Wanna One, THE BOYZ, and DONGKIZ.

If the identity of the idol group gets exposed, then there is a good chance their careers will take a serious blow due to that. South Koreans value respect for the elder and manners above all else, any idol who gets involved with ‘attitude’ controversy’ usually ends up losing a lot.

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