Song Hye Kyo Erases All Traces Of Song Joong Ki From Her Instagram After They Officially Divorced

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Song Hye Kyo seems to have deleted all traces of her ex-husband Song Joong Ki from her Instagram account.

Previously, Song Joong Ki announced that he had filed for divorce from Song Hye Kyo on June 27. Back then, when taking a look at Song Hye Kyo Instagram account, fans noticed that her photos with her previous co-star and now ex-husband were still there.

She had shared a couple of photos; some of them were from the filming set of “Descendants Of The Sun” where the two met for the first time.

On July 22, the Seoul Family Court and Song Hye Kyo agency confirmed the divorce was finalized. The two are now officially divorced. Song Hye Kyo’s agency also revealed that the couple decided to get a divorce without alimony or division of property.

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Fans referred to her Instagram and found out that she had deleted a couple of photos from her account. She rarely posts photos so the deletion of some of her photos was apparent to her fans.



Fans are upset to see their favorite couple divorce but continue to wish them both the best as they embark on a separate journey.

What do you think of this?

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  1. Sad…never thought they would take this step. I wish song hye kyo courage and strength to move on. As a woman I feel for her. Whatever caused the divorce, woman suffers the most from it. Be strong hye kyo.

  2. Sorry, I don’t mean to mske light of this couple’s divorce, but the fact that shk erased photos of sjk from an app makes news is indicative of how much people put value of pictures online. Seriously, this is the figital way of ripping photos of ex lovers, and should not necessarily make news worldwide. Prople overlook the fact that avrelationship is more than facebook and instagram.postings.

  3. I still cannot believe it that the wedding of the century end up in just less than 20 months 🙁 and the court give there fast decision in less than a month after the announcement. but i will still keep on dreaming that ssc are still together forever..even just in my dreams 🙁

  4. It seems that the wedding is just for a SHOW and they are not truly inlove with each other. Marriage is just a piece of paper for this couple and I am so sad about it. I am hoping that this divorce issue will not affect Song Joon Ki’s Arthdal Chronicles rating and to his upcoming projects. He is such a good actor.

    1. Yeah i am also hoping that it will not affect joong ki’s career in any way.. good luck song song couple.. but we are still dreaming that someday somehow you will end up with each other’s arm for the 2nd time.. love is lovelier the second time around..

  5. Why is it that everybody seems to be siding up with SHK? SJK is known since RM to be a considerate person. There must really be something wrong with their relationship to warrant such a drastic measure such as divorce. And in Korea at that, where divorce is still considered taboo.
    SJK, at the height of his career, was honest to his fans and announced his love for SHK. SHK was the first public gf in the movie industry that SJK had unlike SHK who had almost all of her drama partners linked to her. Why would people think it’s just SHK who is the victim here? Just because she is female? How about SJK who at a young age had to endure public humility of being divorced. i think it’s unfair to SJK.

    1. True it is very unfair to joong ki.. he really worked hard to attain what he has become now, from RM days to penny pinchers, werewolf boy, innocent man, and he is such a good actor, esp his latest drama “arthdal chronicles” he showed how talented he is..God bless joongki and good luck. Sarangeyo

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