Samuel Kim Bids Farewell To His Father, Shares A Heartbreaking Message To His Instagram

Samuel Kim has finally spoken up about his father’s untimely death; he shared a couple of photos to his Instagram account.

In the photos, you can see Samuel Kim standing next to what is presumed to be his father’s casket. On July 30, he posted a message of birthday wishes to his father, he wrote,

“Happy birthday dad. Always inside my heart. You are a legend to me. I’ll be like you in the future. I miss you so much. Love you so much dad. #restinpeace #JoseArredondo”

He also left a comment on the post thanking fans for their messages of support and condolences following his father’s death, he wrote,

“And to all the people and fans, thank you so much. Thank you for giving me love so much.. really thank you. I will stay strong.”

It was previously revealed by American station KGET that Samuel Kim’s father was murdered in his home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in what is believed to be a home invasion. No further details were shared with the public. The terrible incident happened on July 17. Samuel Kim has stayed silent for the past couple of weeks and this Instagram post is his first since what happened.

His father was 49 years old.

Samuel Kim also shared photos of great memories with his father to the same Instagram post. Check it out below:

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