A recent interview of Song Hye Kyo is raising eyebrows because of how she spoke, many k-netizens left comments saying she caught the princess disease (where a man/woman is pretentious and thinks he/she is above everybody else).

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki’s divorce was finalized two days ago. They’re now officially a divorced couple and that interview was the first to be released to the press after the news was announced.

The recent interview was conducted while she attended an event in Hong Kong. Media commented on how she wanted to wear a tiara to her upcoming birthday and how she called her divorce ‘fate.’

Many found this rather weird given the context of the interview and the recent events. It turns out, the translation was off and some questions were omitted, the interview was posted to various Korean news sites with those errors.

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The Korean media reported that Song Hye Kyo wanted to wear a tiara and made it sound as if she brought it up herself which portrayed her in a bad light as if she wanted to be treated like a princess.

The truth is she was asked a question relating to Chaumet (brand she’s endorsing) new line of tiaras, the subject was brought up to ask her,

“If you were allowed to wear one of the tiaras, which one would it be?”

To which Song Hye Kyo answered,

“If I were allowed, I’d love to wear a tiara on my birthday, on November 22. When I put a tiara on, I feel like a princess.”

A reporter named Miss J was the one who stepped up to correct the misunderstandings and false reporting. Miss J pointed out that Song Hye Kyo gave an answer befitting of the time, place and occasion she was in.

Korean news outlets also reported that Song Hye Kyo referred to her divorce as her ‘fate,’ which also didn’t sit well with k-netizens. To that Miss J clarified that the original question was about how she decides to choose projects,

“How do you decide on what projects to work on?”

To which Song Hye Kyo responded with,

“I believe they come to you by fate, not by how much effort you put in.”

What do you think of this?

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