Former SM Entertainment Trainee Shocks Everybody With Her Drastic Transformation

SM Entertainment Trainees are known to carry the innocent cute vibe to them so you can imagine how much a person can change once they leave the agency, which is exactly what happened with one particular trainee called Herin.

Herin is a former SM Entertainment Trainee; she was introduced as a member of SM ROOKIES. Fans loved her visuals. She was first introduced in July of 2015; she was born on February 26th, 2002, in Manchester, England, United Kingdom.

Back then she was so young and had that SM vibe to her. However, she didn’t remain in SM and soon left in 2017 to join Mnet’s survival show “Idol School,” where she also carried a similar vibe.

New photos of her two years later shocked people with her transformation into a beautiful woman. She was spotted with strong makeup, blonde hair, and a different style. Check out some of her photos below:

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