Super Junior Yesung Tried To Promote Kangin First Project In Three Years And It Backfired Almost Instantly

Super Junior Yesung is excited to see Kangin comeback after a long hiatus due to his second DUI.

On June 1, he posted to Instagram to promote Kangin’s upcoming web drama called “What Happened To Mirae” that was recently announced as the unofficial Kangin comeback to show business.

His caption drew a lot of hate, Yesung wrote,

“Fighting, no matter what they say.”

As you’d expect this didn’t land well with netizens and due to the severe backlash he deleted his post. His wording got on the nerves of a lot of netizens.

Yesung then uploaded an apology after the backlash, he wrote,

“I really didn’t mean it that way!

It was thoughtless of me. Don’t get me wrong (misunderstand me).

If you guys are upset, it upsets me even more.

I am sorry.”

Kangin had previously been involved in two hit and run incidents and he was intoxicated.

His reckless actions caused him severe backlash from netizens and fans of the group who demanded he leaves the group because of his actions and for the fact that he had not learned from his mistakes and repeated them.

He was also recently connected to Jung Joon Young hidden illegal camera controversy but was later proven to be false, he was not a part of the controversial chatrooms.

What do you think of his apology?

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