Ji Chang Wook Finds His Leading Lady, Won Jin Ah Joins The Upcoming tvN Drama

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Won Jin Ah is the leading lady of Ji Chang Wook for the highly anticipated upcoming drama “Melting me Softly.”

On June 18, tvN confirmed Won Jin Ah will play the leading role for the upcoming drama.

“Melting me Softly” is a sci-fi romantic drama about a man and a woman who participate in a human freezing experiment for 24 hours but they wake up 20 years later due to a mysterious incident.

One of the side effects of the experiment is that they have to maintain their body at a temperature of 31.5 degrees Celsius. They also find themselves getting romantically interested in each other and end up in a sticky situation.

“Make Me Melt” is written by Baek Mi Kyung who worked on many hit dramas such as “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” and “Woman of Dignity.” It’ll be directed by Shin Woo Chul who worked on many hit dramas as well such as “Secret Garden.”

The drama is scheduled to air in the second half of 2019, tvN has denied the airing date was confirmed, the schedule is still being discussed.

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My Personal Thoughts

Ohhh, I see it. I like it!

It’s an unlikely pair but I am intrigued by the choice. She is a good actress, a bit melo and has a very calm halo; it’ll be interesting to see how well they’ll work together.

The drama plot is very interesting and can be used in so many ways to make interesting twists and turns. It’s different from what we’re seeing right now in kdramas, I can’t wait for something that’s both interesting and unique.

What do you think of the pairing?

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